SimCity 2013 Cheat – Mã ăn gian trong SimCity 2013

Tuy vừa ra mắt những SimCity 2013 đã “lộ” những cheatcode ăn gian giúp cho việc chơi game của game thủ trở nên dễ dàng hơn. Tuy nhiên, việc mang lại nhiều “quyền hạn” này cũng sẽ góp phần làm cho game mau chán hơn nên bạn hãy biết sử dụng chúng đúng mực để vẫn có thể tận hưởng được những nét hay của game nhé …

Khi đang chơi trong chế độ Sandbox mode, dùng chính xác các đoạn mã ăn gian sau :

Hiệu ứng
Cheat Code
Add §100,000 to city budget [Alt] + W
Toggle Air Pollution [Alt] + A
Toggle Crime [Alt] + C
Toggle Fire [Alt] + F
Toggle Health Issues [Alt] + M
Toggle Ground Pollution [Alt] + P
Toggle Homeless Sims [Alt] + H
Toggle Sewage [Alt] + S
  • Disasters


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding disaster:

    Big Lizard: Burn 100 tons of garbage in an Incinerator at the Garbage Dump.Earthquake: Mine 100 tons of coal or raw ore in your city.Meteor Strike: Have 200 tourists arrive on flights at the Municipal Airport in a day.Tornado: Have 24 Wind Turbines at Wind Power Plants.UFO Encounter: Ship any resource to a Space Center Great Work.Zombie Attack: Add a Diagnostic Lab to a Hospital, and have 15 Sims die in a day.
  • Achievements


Successfully complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding achievement:

City Management

    Sand Through My Fingers: Have total expenses of $15,000+ per month.Money Cube: Have a total income of $15,000+ per hour.Good Credit: Pay off $1,000,000 in bond debt.Multi-Millionare City: Have $10,000,000 in your treasury.Busy Downtown: Have at least 100 Commercial buildings in your city.Big Government: Place one of each of the City Hall departments on a single City Hall.Quid Pro Quo: Place one of each of all the modules on a single Mayor’s Mansion.Industrial Revolution: Have 100 Industrial buildings in your city.Suburb City: Have 10,000 residents living in your city.Population Boom: Have 50,000 residents living in your city.Metropolis!: Have 100,000 residents living in your city.Jumbo Region!: Have 500,000 residents living in a regionMega-Region!: Have 1,000,000 residents living in a region.Suburbitopia: Have 500 Residential buildings in your city.My Favorite Mayor: Have 24 hours of a 75% or better Approval Rating.’Worst. Mayor. Ever.: Hold an Approval Rating of below 50% for 24 hours.Best Mayor Ever!: Have an Approval Rating of 95% or more.

City Services

    Reolving Doors: Have 25 criminals released from jail cells in one day due to overcrowding.Bad Move, Creeps: Have your Police capture their first criminal.Redemption of the Sims: Rehabilitate 50 criminals in a day!SimCity University!: Have a University with each School module.No Child Left Behind: Plop 20 School Bus Stops in one city.High Tech Fire Fightin’: Add the HazMat Garage, the Fire Helipad, and the Fire Marshal Office to a Large Fire Station in your city.You’re on Fire!: Extinguish 1 HazMat fires in your city in a day!Only You Can Prevent City Fires: Put out more than 10 fires in a day.Green Plumbobs: Pick up 10 tons of recyclables in your city in a day!Dump City!: Have 560 tons of garbage in your Garbage Dumps!Garbage Man!: Pick up 10 tons of garbage in a day!Medical Miracle: Plop a Hospital and treat 200 sick Sims in a day.EMT ASAP: Pick up and treat 50 injured Sims in one day.All-Powerful Region: Place of each type of power source in a region (Coal, Oil, Wind, Solar and Nuclear).Super-Powered: Have a city that consumes over 300 mW of power per hour.Ick or Treat!: Treat 200 kgal/hr of sewage at a Sewage Treatment Plant.Sewage Stuffing: With 10,000 or more residents, prevent sewage issues using only Sewage Outlet Pipes.Main Attraction: Have 300 low wealth tourists leave your city satisfied in one day.Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!: Run a successful stadium event in your city.Cruisin’ Along: Have 2,000 Sims take a cruise in a day.A Streetcar Named SimCity: Have 1,000 Sims travel by streetcar in a day.All Aboard: Have 1,000 Sims take the train in a day.Sludge-Free H-2-0!: Pump 50 kgal of fresh, clean water in an hour.Aqua Max: Have a city that has over 100 kgal of water needed per hour.

City Specialization

    You Mean Business!: Plop every City Specialization HQ in the game.King Coal: Extract a total of 100 tons of coal.Electrical Magic: Assemble 4,000 crates of processors in a day.Sin City: Place one of each type of Casino in a single city.Penny Slots: Generate $200,000 in total revenue from casinos.Blast Furnace: Smelt a total of 100 tons of metal.All Oiled Up: Pump 10,000 barrels of crude oil in a day.Refined Tastes: Refine 40 barrels of fuel and 40 crates of plastic in a single city in one hour.To Be Ore Not To Be: Extract a total of 100 tons of raw ore.A Lot of Lots: Place 6 unique Storage Lot types on any Trade Depot or Trade Port.Trading Empire: Ship 250,000 Global Market export shipments.Moving Pictures: Assemble 100 crates of TVs in one day in a single city.Specialist First Class: Select “Guide Me” for any city specialization.

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